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Foreign Language Exam Preparation Courses

Can you speak a foreign language well?
Can you PROVE it?

You can with a recognised foreign language qualification. 

There are a number of foreign language qualifications (the French DELF exams, the Spanish DELE exam and the German Zertifikat Deutsch etc).  All of which are available to prove a student has reached different linguistic abilities, across a range of languages.   

If you want qualifications - we have the language courses for you!

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Preparation for foreign language exams takes time - this is not the option for you if you only have a couple of weeks to spare.  If you can commit to several months and want to develop your language skills to a proven fluency, these courses are perfect for you.


"I wanted to know I could speak French properly after taking a Gap Year in France.  I decided to dedicate 6 months to living in France and studying with CESA in Montpellier but was worried that without a focus I'd concentrate on the 'good times' rather than work! 

I'm pleased to say I passed DELF B2, this May! 

Yes I had a good time, a certain amount of partying happened, but with the DELF exams in mind, I kept my concentration.  Thanks CESA, Uni here I come!"

Academic Year Course, Montpellier