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Languages for Life Courses
Eight weeks plus duration
If you want to make significant progress in your language studies, CESA's long term programmes are the ideal solution to help you reach your linguistic goals. Should you have the time, then by living for several months in the same community and studying at a language college, you can really "get under the skin" of a language and get closer to the people who breathe life into it. It is a very popular option with those taking a career break. By the end of a CESA Languages for Life programme you should have a feeling of linguistic confidence and understanding which will stay with you for years to come. 

Standard Courses
One week plus duration
Classes will concentrate on developing essential skills - key topics relating to everyday language, pronunciation and comprehension skills and yes - you will be taught in the native tongue. This really is the best way and it works - trust us! At higher ability levels, students have a greater variety of start dates to choose from and the language skills taught become progressively more advanced. A greater degree of written work and more complex grammar is integrated in to the programmes. You are able to put your current knowledge into practice with trained native speakers who will encourage you throughout your working week.


"The lessons were very good and as my confidence with the language grew I began to forget that I was learning. The lessons were very interesting and varied. The schools location was excellent; everything was near by including the bus stop. The teachers were very friendly and approachable; I felt very comfortable and at home and the teachers made everyone feel very involved."
Kay: Five weeks Standard Course: Lindau


Intensive Courses
One week plus duration
As the Standard course but with extra lessons to further enhance the learning process. Ideal for students that can only spare a week or two and that want to make the maximum progress possible.

Combined Courses
One week plus duration
When time is short and the need to improve your language skills is pressing, the combination of group tuition and private one to one classes offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy the dynamics of a group course but spend concentrated time on your personal linguistic needs with a dedicated tutor. This is an excellent course choice for A'level students who can't attend the specific A'level orientated courses on set A'level course dates offered, business people who wish to improve general language skills as well as address individual language needs or anyone who prefers to have that extra bit of attention, to enable them to concentrate on personal language needs, but still benefit from the fun and camaraderie of group language tuition. 

        “I expected the teaching to be intensive for rapid linguistic improvement, and to be taught in a relaxed and friendly environment. My expectations were definitely met. The private lessons were particularly enjoyable and beneficial; being virtually identical to the supervisions I have at University. Group lessons were also enjoyable."
Emily: Combined Course: Paris College One 

Mini-group Courses      
One week plus duration
A short term language course aimed at those who need to build on current skills or who want to kick start their language learning from scratch with an immersion course. Smaller number of students in a group ensures rapid language skills acquisitions and plenty of student and teacher interaction.