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Chinese Gap Year

Chinese Academic Year Courses to suit YOU! 
Perfect if you want to seriously improve your Chinese.

CESA offers "Academic Year" and "Languages for Life" Chinese language courses in Beijing for students who really want to get to grips with their Chinese language skills.  These programmes are perfect if you want to combine your Chinese language study with first-hand discovery of the local culture for an extended period, by living and studying in China.

Students with beginner to intermediate level Chinese, should aim to achieve fluency over several months.  The Programme ensures rapid acquisition and long-term retention of all aspects of language knowledge and is an invaluable way of focusing on your language skills development, with like-minded people.  It provides a solid grounding in core skills and giving you something concrete to add to your CV, by the end of your course. 

Initially beginners/elementary students will find that the course concentrates on developing and enriching basic spoken language skills.  Continually promoting the use of verbal communication permits students to learn Chinese “naturally”, to unite theory and practice and increases your knowledge quickly and with confidence.  Higher level classes will incorporate a greater amount of written language work, thoroughly covering all aspects of the language.



"I cannot recommend the school in Beijing highly enough. I have been here for nearly seven months now and I am in no doubt that coming to Beijing was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made! So much do that I have now agreed to work in Beijing for the foreseeable future!...

The staff are superb at sorting out any problems that you might have and are very friendly and approachable. The atmosphere is also warm and friendly with all students socialising at coffee breaks, lunch and in the evenings together..."

Richard Lloyd,  Chinese Academic Year Course, Beijing