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Frequently Asked Questions

CESA encourages you to ring, write, email, fax and otherwise bombard us with questions
BEFORE and ONCE you have booked your course.

We know from past experience that if we do so, you will have:

realistic expectations of the overall experience

confidence in the course you have chosen via CESA and an understanding of what you can (and cannot) achieve linguistically
kept us up to date on practical matters - i.e. told us your travel details so everyone knows what your movements are and when you are arriving!

Just to get you into the mood, here are samples of the various questions that students ask.

Please feel free to think of plenty more...



>  How much will I improve as a result of my course?

>  How do I measure my current ability?

Should I prepare before going on a course?

>  Why go abroad when I could study in the UK?

>  What are the language teachers like?

What will my course cost and what else should I budget for?

>  What are the other language students like?

>  What accommodation is offered?

>  Would this be a good way to spend my Gap Year?

>  Can I get a language qualification?

>  What happens on the First Day @ College ?

>  Are books etc. included in the course fees?  


For further advice, just contact us

> 01209 211800 / +44 1209 211800

> info@cesalanguages.com