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French Gap Year in Cannes

Is this Gap Year course for you?
Yes…if you are looking to rapidly improve your French language skills at a quality French language school in a fantastic location.

French language courses in Cannes are a popular choice for students on a Gap Year preferring a residential course (to staying with hosts). The French language school in Cannes offers both short-term and long-term French Gap Year courses for all ability levels, including beginners. Most students choose to live in the on-site campus residence accommodation, just 2 minutes walk from the beach.

Gap Year in Cannes
Plus Points

Perfectly situated on the French Riveria, with the Cote d’Azur on your doorstep

A campus college with excellent on site facilities

A full range of French language exams are offered, year round

French Course Details

Levels offeredBeginner to Advanced
Minimum age16
Course duration8 to 24 weeks
Alternative courses2 week+ 
Number of lessons18+ group lessons per week
Lesson duration45 minutes
Maximum per class14 students
  • Start dates throughout the year
  • Classes are held Monday to Friday each week
  • Timetable : 09.00 to 12.00 hrs (18 lessons per week)
  • Preparation for DELF exams (optional, not included in course fees)

Languages for Life: 18 lessons

8 wks   €1696.0012 wks   €2376.0016 wks   €3011.00
CESA Fee: € 50.00 per person
Summer supplements: 04 July to 26 August 2016: €8.00 per week
Books: Deposit required in Cannes (€50.00)
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Languages for Life: 25 lessons

8 wks   €2072.0012 wks   €2988.0016 wks   €3748.00
CESA Fee: € 50.00 per person
Summer supplements: 04 July to 26 August 2016: €8.00 per week
Books: Deposit required in Cannes (€50.00)
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Cannes: French language students

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French Gap Year course information

If you wish to learn French in Cannes to a high standard (B1 to C1 ability) over a concentrated period of long term and in-depth study, this is the course for you! Covering all aspects of the language in detail to ensure a high standard of comprehension and expression in both the written and spoken elements of the language. DELF exams can easily be incorporated into these programmes.

The aim of this course is to learn how to communicate in daily social situations, according to your language level. It is based on solid grammar development, systematic study of real life contexts and vocabulary expansion. These long-term French courses allow students to focus on all aspects of the French language over several months study in Cannes, whilst placing the language within a meaningful cultural framework.

These French courses are aimed at students with beginners to advanced abilities, who want to see serious linguistic improvement and are working towards fluency over a few weeks or a number of months.

French Course Methodology:

Intensive grammar study
Development of vocabulary
Syntax and application
Listening and comprehension
Dialogue and communication
Idiomatic language
Written and oral expression
Lecture and analysis
Live guided discussion and synthesis
Free conversation

This French language course is an excellent opportunity to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture and make new friends from all around the world. The study plan takes into consideration your current level, your needs and the length of your course.

Exams are offered to Gap Year students

Do you speak French? Can you prove it!

Prepare for the DELF & other French Exams in your Gap Year.

Accommodation in Cannes

Most students studying in Cannes, decide to stay on campus.  The convenience of living and studying on site, combined with the great facilities (cafe, theatre, sun patio, small gym, sports court, private courtyard, library and infirmary) make this a very attractive option for many Gap Year students.

Students can book a single room or a shared room (2, 3 or 4 students per room). The school will place students in shared rooms with other students of the same gender on request.  Meals can be booked on a half-board (breakfast and lunch) or full-board basis.

Further information can be found on the main

Cannes French school: Accommodation description.


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