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Japanese language course

Okazaki in JapanCheryl
12 week Japanese course
Standard Programme  Okazaki

First impressions (after one week in Okazaki)

Since I’ve studied Japanese for 5 years at home, I wanted to be able to speak it more fluently and coming to Japan is the best way to do that.  I also think it’s better to know more about Japan and Japanese culture if I want to communicate with Japanese people.

The teachers at the Japanese language school are very nice and they explain everything clearly. In class we listen and practice what we’ve learnt, so it’s working well for me. When not in class I do al ot of  homework and study vocabulary.

Personally, I think doing a home stay will help with spoken skills but I chose to stay in the school accommodation, to keep things simple and ensure minimal commuting. The good thing about staying at the Village is that you have more freedom and you’re able to make friends easily. On the other hand, the room is a bit small and during dinner time the kitchen can be very busy.

The other students are very friendly and we try to communicate in Japanese, but sometimes it gets frustrating so we occasionally speak in whatever language we know.

So far I haven’t seen a lot, just the local supermarkets! I’ve just been here for about a week and I didn’t have a bicycle for the first few days. But I have one now, so I hope I can go to places a bit further away. Since I’ve come all the way here, I think it’s better to go to as many places as I can.