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Beijing, the capital of the Peoples Republic of China, is the centre of the nations politics, culture and international exchanges and a modern metropolis full of vitality. Beijing has a population of 10.855 million inhabitants; 5 million of which live in the city and the rest on the outskirts.

Beijing has a continental monsoon climate, winter is cold and dry and has little snow, the summer is warm with humid, moist air. The coldest month in Beijing is January with temperatures averaging 4 oC -5 oC, the hottest month is July and averages at 26 oC. The city, which is now a major hub for shopping, retailing and trade, still remains mysterious moods from distant times.

In order to host the 2008 Olympic Games, the city underwent certain changes; such as the development of new landscaping, sports villages and shopping malls as well as modern living quarters.

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