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CESA recommends the following resources

French lessons in London
Learn French in group or privately with the French Class

681 French/English verbs
Verbs are critical to linguistic success.
If you want to speak French - here's a great list to get you started.  Happy memorising!

This French Life
Advice and information for people who want to live life the French way.

France Tourism Directory
Helpful Travel Planning, French Adventure, Travel Guide for Transport, Lodging, Food, Fun activities, Info, Shopping and everything French.

French language course
Learn basic French online.

A site that combines online study with e-mail support from native-speaking French teachers. Learn on the net by following a carefully constructed course of audio lessons. Practice by corresponding with a personal tutor, who'll correct your voice and e-mails.

Offers a new formula (sp + ia + el = MI) for last minute learning of some key French phrases selected for basic survival on vacations and business. Program downloads contain full audio and text of all material to enable travelers to get started right away.

Grant & Cutler, Foreign Language Books
Visit Grant & Cutler, in the heart of London's West End. With over 100,000 titles in stock, covering more than 200 languages, they are the UK's largest foreign language bookseller. Language courses, dictionaries, films, literature, study guides, topic resources, and the latest foreign fiction are all available through them. They also run a worldwide mail order service.

Language Box
is the web's foremost language-based news portal. Get comparative perspectives on world events as they unfold by viewing news media link-ups from various countries. Great range of French Radio and TV Channels to use.

The one-stop-shop for language and culture products and services. We offer: language courses, translation, interpreting, business culture training, multi-lingual web sites, international briefing, language screening, films, CDs, books, software, and independent and expert advice on language learning, purchase of materials and equipment. And all this in 9 languages!

Real French
Extensive French grammar reference materials at intermediate (AS/A) level and advanced (university) level.

Reverso provide a range of online translation tools, including limited access to Collins Lexibase dictionaries which are also available to download and buy, and a free online text translation service in many different languages.

I Love Languages
Your guide to languages on the web.

Language Translation
Translationplus.com is a professional language translation & interpretation service provider dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive international communication services that meet and surpass industry standards.

Site offering vocabulary tests in English, French, German, and Spanish and also gives you the possibility to create your own tests.

A free site that will help you learn foreign language vocabulary fast. The site remembers what you have done and tailors drills accordingly, concentrating on the words you don't know well. A large database is available for French, German, and Spanish. Italian, Japanese, and other languages are coming soon. You can also create your own custom lists of words you are working on, and share them with others. Great for students and instructors.

A site designed for teachers of French with some useful links and activities for French students in secondary.

French language resources

An Hour From Paris by Annabel Simms
Guide to little-known places in the Paris countryside accessible by train, is the fruit of more than ten years’ exploring the region by train and on foot.

Around and About Paris by Thirza Vallois
The ultimate "Bible" about the City of Light. Around and About Paris will tell you everything you want to know, so if you are a lover of Paris, you will love these books!

Discover Paris
Personalized Itineraries for Independent Travelers - the ultimate, exclusive resource for customized travel planning for Paris and Ile-de-France!

Chez Provence
The guide for those who love provence!

France On Foot
A clearing house for up-to-date information, questions and answers about walking the 110,000-mile French trail system.

French Word a Day
Receive a new French word each weekday, via e-mail!

France on your own
Simplifying independent travel to France.

The French Corner
The blog that's all French, all the time.

Stuff Parisians Like
A great blog from a Parisian Sommelier. Definitely recommended!

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