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Learn French in Antibes

With 16 miles of sandy beaches and 300 days of sunshine a year, Antibes is a popular Côte d’Azur  destination year round, but especially so in the summer months! Antibes has a population of 75,000 in winter and twice that number in summer. It is just a few minutes from all the attractions of Juan les Pins. Antibes has the largest marina on the Mediterranean.

The language college teaching French in Antibes appeals to CESA students on a year round basis, but particularly so in the hot summer months – early bookings for July are highly recommended. With over 30 years of teaching experience the Antibes college offers a great study location to suit ALL linguistic needs (across 6 language levels on general language courses).

CESA Plus Points

  • Suits adults (mainly in their 20’s and up)
  • Ideal for students year round, but at its most popular in the May/September period
  • Good course options and great location in south of France
  • Wide range of residential accommodation offered
  • A sociable college, but gets really busy in the summer, so please book early!

My teacher (Sophie) was excellent. A great deal of problems for adult beginners is that most grammatical structures are written for children, but Sophie always managed to place the work into an adult situation regardless of the worksheet.

The location of the school was very good, everyone was very approachable. There was a very comfortable atmosphere. It felt like nothing was too much trouble.

Mrs Wardley
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  • School established: 1985
  • Course duration:
    Group tuition: 1 to 24 weeks+
    Private tuition: 1 week+
  • Minutes per lesson: 45
  • Minimum age: 16
    Average age: 25 in summer / 30 in winter
  • No. of classrooms: 30+
  • Number of students
    Quietest weeks: 180 students
    Busiest weeks: 250 students
  • Exam Preparation
    DELF/DALF Exams A2 to C1

About the School

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The French language school in Antibes was established in 1985 and offers a wide range of French language courses including general language courses & DELF exam preparation and the college is always busy when the weather is warm (becoming completely full over the peak summer months, so if that’s when you want to go – book early!). The college suits adults looking to put their French skills into practise for business or social reasons, students revising prior to exams and Gap students requiring a Languages for Life course for long term study.

Main School:
The French ‘Chateau’ school is set in a beautiful house surrounded by flowering gardens and set in a calm environment, with a distant view of the Mediterranean sea. With 17 indoor classrooms (bright and spacious, and equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment) and four 
outdoor classrooms (always popular and a real delight during fine weather). There is a library, internet and WiFi access on site. Students can eat their meals in the modern self-service restaurant, which has a panoramic view of the sea. Drinks and snacks machines are also available during breaks.

Antibes: Chateau school

Secondary school site:
A second school site, known as the ‘Port’ school (7+classrooms) is used during the busiest months of the year, located in the old town near the port. Facilities include a small internet cafe and drinks and snack machines. There are lots of shops, restaurants and bars in the area. NB: Students cannot choose which site they are placed in, however for most of the year, the majority of classes take place at the main ‘Chateau’ school.