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Learn French in Guadeloupe

"I really didn't know what to expect from my time in Sainte Anne.  I had some unexpected free time and needed some sun - but wanted to work on my French.  Paris in January didn't appeal.  CESA suggested Guadeloupe and could arrange it quickly - so I went.  Small classes, hot tropical weather and a couple of glasses of rum each evening really helped improve my French!"
John: 2 weeks private tuition: Sainte Anne  



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Where can YOU learn French in Guadeloupe?
Whether you are considering a French language course for one or two weeks or a few months, Guadeloupe offers a great alternative language course location for your French studies. You can learn more about the history of Guadeloupe or read about the French language courses we offer in Sainte Anne (one of the main sea resorts on Grande Terre and home to TWO of the island’s best beaches). Of course French language courses are also offered in France.

French Exams offered
For French language exam details please ask CESA to send the French Exam fact sheet or read more about the language exams offered abroad.