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Learn German in Munich: Location

There is plenty on offer in Munich for German language students who wish to learn the language in combination with a deeper appreciation of this most German of cities.

Munich is home to approximately 1.3 million people, 95,000 of whom are students. Although best known for the “Oktober” Beer Festival, the fabulous Christmas market on Marienplatz and the summer time beer gardens, Munich has much to offer the German language student.

Situated on the river Isar, in southern Germany, it is the capital of Bavaria. It is a wonderful mixture of gothic and baroque architecture, quiet back streets, magnificent squares and grand avenues. All forms of musical entertainment are on offer from the classical to techno, during the summer months, outdoor music festivals play a major feature in Munich’s social life. The former artists quarter, the Schwabing district is still a popular student haunt, due to the wide variety of bars and clubs on offer.

The old town, marked by the remaining three medieval town gates, is mainly pedestrianised and provides easy access to the Royal Residence, the National Theatres, many museums and of course the Hofbräuhaus, famed its beer and traditional Bavarian fare.

With the Alps just an hour’s drive away, the German lakes and Ludwig II’s romantic castles to the south of the city, there is plenty to explore outside the city, as well as within it. With most central places within an easy train or tram ride from each other, Munich is a pleasant and straightforward city to find your way around.

Local Specialities

The pride of Munich cuisine is called the Weisswurst, a white veal sausage that is usually eaten with a pretzel or bread and some sweet mustard. Another local favourite is Leberkase, the name meaning liver cheese; it is in fact a smooth spicy meatloaf served in thick slabs. The usual deserts found in Munich are Apfelstrudel and Dampfnudlen (doughy dumplings sprinkled with cinnamon and covered in vanilla sauce.

Of course Munich is famous for its beer, and has a vast number of breweries in the area. If you visit Munich and stick to drinking Fosters or Budweiser, you will have really missed out; beer just doesn’t come better!

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