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Italian Language Exams

Italian Exam fact sheet.

Some people study Italian for self-enrichment or to satisfy language requirements in high school or college. Or, they're travelling to "il bel paese" and want to know how to tell the time or talk on the phone in Italian. Others, though, such as art history students, aspiring teachers, or translators, study the language as part of a formal training program. For them, proving competency in the language is a requirement.

For full details on the range of Italian language exams offered and please email us or telephone 01209 211800 requesting the Italian Exam fact sheets.



There are a range of exams offered in Italy, all of which have official status, supported by Italian Universities to prove their validity to a student and a future employer or academic tutor. 

Certificazione di Italiano como Lingua Straniera

Diploma Elementare di Lingua Italiana "Firenze" AIL. (DELI)

Diploma Intermediodi Lingua Italiana "Firenze" AIL. (DILI)

Diploma Avanzado di Lingua Italiana "Firenze" AIL. (DALI)

Diploma Commericale di Lingua Italina "Firenze" AIL. (DALC)  The DALC tests business Italian.



Exams can be sat in various CESA language schools, depending on which language exam you wish to follow.

You will need to have a good level of Italian, or be prepared to commit several months to your Italian studies in order to reach the necessary standard to sit any of these exams, for more information, just ask.

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