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Learn Italian in Sorrento: Location

Perched on a high plateau, Sorrento is a beautiful part of Southern Italy, with a wealth of history, beauty and charisma. Sorrento has a cliff-top setting, an imposing cathedral in the main piazza, a Franciscan church with a distinctive 13 th century cloister, a charming, flower-filled town and a local landscape of olive and citrus groves, vineyards and the beautiful Bay of Naples….

Sorrento stands on a dramatic line of 150-foot cliffs, looking north over the bay of Naples to the infamous Mount Vesuvius. Within easy reach are the city of Naples, the stunning Amalfi coast, the beautiful islands of Capri and Ischia and the historic sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Sorrento has a wonderfully warm, Mediterranean climate – during the summer months (June-August) the average temperature ranges from 25 o C to 38 o C, while during the winter the average temperature ranges from 3 o C to 15 o C.

Sorrento: Coastal view

Local Specialities

Sorrento cuisine is strongly linked to the produce that grows in this fertile land – the wonderful climate is perfect for the cultivation of citrus fruits, olives and vines and these feature strongly in local dishes. Being a coastal town, fish and crustaceans are the star attractions.  They are used by local chefs to prepare delicious seafood dishes such as: lobster with tomatoes, octopus casserole, shrimp  fried lightly in breadcrumbs and spider crab soup.

And let’s not forget the famous “gnocchi alla sorrentina”, made with tomato sauce, basil and mouth-watering fiordilatte mozzarella.  All dishes are finished off with a dash of the characteristically sweet tasting extra virgin olive oil, produced from olives grown in the area. One of the gastronomical symbols of Sorrento is “limoncello”, a delicious digestive liqueur made from the infusion of Sorrento lemon peel in pure alcohol.