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Learn Italian in San Giovanni

Italian College Description

Founded in 1997 the college in San Giovanni is set in two separate buildings, both dotted with air-conditioning. The main building is a mediaeval nobleman's residence, just off the main square of the town and has five classrooms (one of which is equipped with audio and video equipment). There is also a reception area and library. In the library there are computers with Internet access and books and videos to help the students learn Italian. There is also a balcony for those who wish to relax in the sunshine . The second building (also very old) houses the school's newer facilities and is only 2 minutes walk from the main building. There are 3 classrooms and a large reception hall equipped with home theatre, internet access and a kitchen for use during cookery lessons.

Course Duration 1-16 weeks+ 
Minutes per lesson 60 
Minimum age 14 yrs 
No. of Classrooms 
No. of students /quietest months               25/35 per month 
No. of students /busiest months 60 per month 

Social Activities in San Giovanni

All students are encouraged to make the most of their time in San Giovanni by participating in the cultural activities and excursions offered by the college. These social activities enable students to get to know San Giovanni, the people and surroundings.

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