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DELF exam preparation in Cannes

  • Open to 16 yrs + age group
  • 2 weeks supplementary exam technique studies
  • Additional to 4 wks Standard or Intensive French course
  • DELF Timetable: Wednesday & Friday / 13.00 to 15.00 hrs
  • DELF exams offered at: A1, A2, B1 & B2 level
  • Offered on set dates each year

The course dates are chosen so that students can register for the exam once in France (there is generally a leeway of 2 or 3 days to give you the opportunity to discuss your exam level with school staff, before officially registering, during the first week). These additional classes are designed to teach students how to “sit” the exam and explain how it is structured, not cover course content. Course content is covered in the syllabus for the general French language skills on either Standard or Intensive Course options, for a four week period, at the language school.

The minimum course you can follow would be four weeks of the Standard Course + two weeks of the Exam Preparation classes. Students are advised to book one extra week of accommodation (fifth week), to cover the actual exam week itself.*

*  Students can book additional group or private classes in the fifth week (the exam week) if they wish.  Otherwise they are welcome to just revise at the school before taking their exam.

Exams will be sat in Valbonne (20 km from the school) and the school staff will issue instructions and provide directions so that candidates know where and when they need to be there.
Exams can be sat on one day, or over two days – depending on the number of candidates applying to sit the exams.  We cannot confirm this in advance. The students will be advised of these details once in Cannes.

Students are very welcome to begin their French studies several weeks, or even months, prior to the 2 week preparation DELF programme, on any of the general French language courses (see teaching link, for further details on the various DELF exam language levels offered), so that students can maximum language practice and improvement and have the correct level of French necessary to sit their preferred DELF language level.


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