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CESA News: January 2009

New Year, new plans
& oodles of language courses ...


> improving your Spanish &
> surfing Atlantic waves
> dancing the Tango

> practising your German &
> and living on campus in Berlin
> skiing on powder snow


> perfect your Italian  
> memorising Kanji in Japan
> Portuguese in Lisbon

> immersing yourself in French &
> enjoying the SUNSHINE in Hyeres 
> sampling Bordeaux wines

Kick your New Year's Resolution into life
& book with CESA now!


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Teenage language courses 

> Easter A'level Revision
> Summer Courses
> Gap Year Courses


CESA Languages Abroad has a fabulous range of
language courses on offer than ever AND we can now draw
on 29 years of experience.

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 Happy New Year from everyone at CESA

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