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Spanish for Teenagers: San Sebastian

Open to 14 – 17 yr old students     

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The best way to improve your Spanish is to practise, practise, practise! Why not also enjoy the fabulous summer sunshine of San Sebastian, try surfing or kayaking, whilst learning Spanish with native speaking teachers AND meeting people from all over the world?

Levels offered Beginner to Advanced
Course duration 1 to 4+ weeks 
Age range 14/17 yrs
Group lessons/AM 25 lessons
Lesson duration 45 minutes
Maximum per class 12 students
Supplementary options Surfing, Paddle-boarding or Kayaking

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Teenage Course Fees
1 wk 2 wk 3 wk 4 wk
€ 400.00 € 740.00 € 1080.00 € 1420.00
CESA Fee: € 60.00 per person
 Supplementary course options/pr week
Surfing: € 68.00 Paddle-board: € 68.00
Kayaking: € 48.00  
Accommodation Fees
1 wk 2 wks 3 wks 4 wks
Single rm
€ 371.00 € 692.00 € 1013.00 € 1334.00
Shared rm (friends only)
€ 294.00 € 538.00 € 782.00 € 1026.00
Dietary supplement € 25.00 per week: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free, Lactose intolerant, Halal, Kosher


Course Start Dates 2019

June 2019
 03, 10, 17, 24
July 2019
 01, 08 15, 22, 29
August 2019
 05, 12, 19

Public holidays: 25th & 31st July and 15th August 2019 Beginners are welcome: 3rd June, 1st July & 5th August Final week of programme: 19th/23rd August

San Sebastian Juniors: Teens

San Sebastian Juniors: Activities

San Sebastian Juniors: Working

Course Content:

San Sebastian is an ideal destination to study Spanish for teenagers (14-17 yrs). San Sebastian offers the best of all worlds: a wealth of cultural opportunities, fantastic beaches, a beautiful coastal landscape, it is also small enough to be safe, comfortable, and less overwhelming than many cities.

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During the summer this Spanish course takes advantage of everything that San Sebastian has to offer; combining sports, excursions, culture, history and events. Teenagers are supervised by a school monitor who coordinates teachers, host families, organisation of activities, and the overall well being of the students. However, students will have two free afternoons (unless a supplementary option is booked) as well as all day Sunday to get to know their host family and become familiar with Spanish traditions and culture.

Programme details:

5 classes a day, Mon/Fri groups of 4-12 students 3 or 4 language level classes 3 afternoons per week – organized activities Saturday – full-day excursion Generally 25/35 students present each week

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Duration: One to Twelve weeks Generally students stay for two to four weeks Supplementary activities offered on Tuesday and Thursday (at extra cost) to be booked in advance.


Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 9:00: Breakfast with family 09:30 to 13:45: Classes and breaks 14:00 to 15:30: Lunch with monitor 15:30 to 19:30: Mon, Wed, Fri supervised activities 20:00: Dinner with the family Plus the option to surf, kayak or paddle-board: Tuesday & Thursday PM (at extra cost).

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Saturday: 10:00 to 18:00: Full day excursion Sunday: Free day with the family

Curfew rules:

Hosts eat at around 8.00/9.00pm, so students won’t be free to go out until around 9.30pm. Some choose to go out for a walk or an ice cream for a short while, others decide to stay at home. Younger students are expected to be home at the latest by 11pm (exact arrangements for 14/15yr olds will be confirmed by host families or you as parents can set an earlier, but no later, curfew). Friday and Saturday night, a later curfew is possible. 16 and 17yr olds must be in by 11pm Sunday to Thursday nights and 1am on Friday and 2 pm on Saturday nights, at the latest.


Two week sample: Monday: 2 hr bike ride to explore the city Tuesday: PM Surf lesson (must be booked in advance – at extra cost) Wednesday: Climb Urgull Montaun & explore the paths and ruins of Mota Castle + visit the giant Oceanarium Thursday: PM Surf lessons (must be booked in advance – at extra cost)

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Friday: Salsa class – learn the salsa and merengue! Saturday: Visit the famous Guggenheim museum and walk through Bilbao’s Old quarter Monday: Visit the amazing Koldo Michelena Biblioteca Wednesday: Picnic on Sta Clara Island (travelling over by boat) Friday: Visit Fuenterrabia, with a guided tour around this typical fishing village Saturday: Explore the French Basque countryside, visiting St Jean de Luz & Biarritz If the weather turns bad, alternative activities are arranged such as visiting the shops, viewing a Spanish film or going to the public swimming pool.


With Spanish hosts Each student will be placed with a family with whom they will live during their stay here. Breakfast and dinner will take place with the family (hosts will also provide a picnic lunch). Students receive the support of the family structure and will be looked after when not participating in school functions.

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Students are placed in single rooms, or shared rooms (if travelling with a friend). The families are carefully chosen with the Teenager programme in mind. The student will receive a warm welcome and become another member of the household. Students must respect the programme schedule and inform the family of any outings they have during the designated free time periods.

Travel & Transfers

Students can fly to one of the nearby airports, and book the school arranged taxi transfer to San Sebastian, at additional cost. San Sebastian airport Bilbao airport Biarritz airport Irun/Henaya train station

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Prices are quoted on the CESA Course Finder. Unaccompanied Minor Service: Offered at additional cost, on request.