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Berlin Teen College 16/18 yrs

Berlin Teen College 2022

If you’re looking for a full immersion German course, staying in an on-site residence, with other older teenage students, CESA students love living in Berlin & experiencing this vibrant city’s lifestyle. This course is best suited to the older, more independent teenager. It’s always popular and accommodation ALWAYS becomes fully booked ~ so early reservations are essential!

Location Plus Points

  • Berlin is a dynamic city; modern, cultured, historic and dazzling
  • It is a popular summertime location with teenage language learners
Levels offered Elementary to Advanced
Age range 16-18 yrs
Course duration 1 week+ 
Number of lessons 20 lessons per week
Lesson duration 45 minutes
Maximum per class Up to 12 students
  • German lessons held in the late afternoon (15.30 hrs – 18.30 hrs)
  • Monday: Lessons are held slightly later, ending at 19.15 hrs
  • Morning & evening activities scheduled each day
  • Level test in advance on line
  • levels catered for: elementary, intermediate, advanced
  • Plus three start dates offered to beginners
City Course/ Opt 1 & 2
1 wk 2 wks 3 wks 4 wks
€ 990.00 € 1750.00 € 2590.00 € 3490.00
+ CESA admin fee: € 60.00
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City Course/ Opt 3 
1 wk 2 wks 3 wks 4 wks
€ 890.00 € 1560.00 € 2340.00 € 3130.00
+ CESA admin fee: €60.00
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Included in course fees:
20 lessons/week, 2 activities/day
1 excursion/week, accommodation

Additional costs:
Arrival transfer from Berlin, Brandenburg airport: EUR 50.00
Departure transfer/ Brandenburg airport: EUR 50.00
Available: Sundays 8 am – 10 pm (ideally arrive pre 5 pm)

Transfers on any other day of the week: EUR 90.00 one way transfer

Course Dates 2022

20, 27
04, 11, 18, 25
01, 08

Berlin: Relaxing in Mauer Park

Berlin: Campus garden during lunch break

Berlin: Brandenburg Gate

Course Description

The course is academically demanding and aims to stimulate student interest and keep the lessons dynamic. Optional social activities provide contrast and bring an additional element of fun to the overall programme.

The German language college staff are aware that the students are on holiday and will do all they can to help students enjoy their German experience, both in and outside the classroom.

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The college offers great on site facilities including 40 spacious classrooms, a book store, a restaurant and cafeteria and a private garden for relaxing after classes. It is well located in Berlin (in the old Eastern Section) and offers on site accommodation or two Hostel options. The on site accommodation is very popular and makes the school very busy year round, doubly so in the summer months ~ so please book early!

In total there are 40 lessons over 2 weeks (unless a day is lost to a public holiday). This is equal to a term of contact lessons at your school in the UK. Small classes, native speakers, interesting material and a pleasant learning atmosphere all contribute to the learning process. The emphasis is on the active use of language in real situations.

  • All teachers are fully qualified and experienced in the teaching of German as a foreign language
  • Only German will be spoken in class
  • One week+ course offered, two weeks+ enrolment recommended
  • Whilst the college also accepts adults students, they are taught in separate classes to the Teenagers in July & August (but will still be living and studying on site, or in a nearby hostel)
  • German language classes are divided according to age, language level and nationality mix
  • 20 German lessons per week format offered


A range of activities are offered as an inclusive part of this programme
in the morning & the evenings, including:

1) Two planned activities per day (morning and evening) e.g. Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, rowing in Tiergarten Park, New Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, a night out, barbecues, bowling, dancing or a cinema trip.

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2) One excursion per week (Saturday) i.e. Potsdam, Pfauenisnel, Sachsenhausen Island.

3) On-campus activities based on music, games and sports, and creative activities such as making a newspaper or staging a play.

Berlin: Accommodation building on Campus in Berlin

Berlin: Studio Bedroom for three

Berlin: Studio living area and kitchenette

Accommodation   Sunday to Sunday

The college offers residential accommodation,  so students can attend their classes and live on site (or live near by).

Meals: Half-board accommodation (breakfast and the evening meal) is included in the course fees. Lunch budget EUR 70.00 per week.

Option One:
Living on Campus.
The Campus accommodation is the most popular option and always becomes fully booked. Students live in self contained modern studios which offer 3-5 bedrooms, kitchenette, private bathroom, TV, shower, half board on campus.

Option Two:
Hostel, 10 mins walk away, shared rooms (2 beds per room), private shower/WC, half-board.

Option Three:
Accommodation in nearby Hostel. 4 bedded rooms with TV and shower. 5 minutes walking distance to college. Half board (breakfast and evening meal included)

Personal Expenditure

We suggest EUR 150.00 per week, to cover public transport and entrance fees, snacks etc

We recommend your passport & money are left with college staff at the office.

Going Out Permission

Teenagers aged 16/18 years are not allowed out beyond 12.00 midnight on their own but this can be extended at the weekend, but no one on site will oversee these curfew rules (however students too tired to participate or attend classes will be noted, and their parents told).
Parents must be aware that some of the college arranged activities in the evenings will go on later than 12.00 midnight.
Students need to be mature about their behaviour to attend this programme.
Any inappropriate behaviour will be reported to the parents concerned.


Arrive: Sunday   Depart: Sunday a.m.
Fly to Berlin and book a return transfer service from Berlin’s Brandenburg airport, the Hauptbahnhof or main bus station (at extra cost). Students should be in Berlin, at their accommodation, between 09.00 & 17.00 hrs. Please aim to be present on campus at 17.00 hrs – this is when the introductory talk and tests will take place (so no time is wasted on Monday AM)

The courses are very popular and will become fully booked during the July/August period.
Please book early!