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Spanish for Teenagers: Cadiz 13 to 17 yrs

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Cadiz offers the perfect Spanish location to improve your Spanish language skills and enjoy a beach holiday.
Meet people from all over the world who share your interest in the Spanish language, explore this historic city, discover the pristine beaches and have fun! Cadiz is a fabulous coastal city, just 100 km from Seville. It is the oldest city in Spain, 3000 yrs old. The city is built on a peninsular surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by golden sandy beaches and old defense walls. Besides the charm of the old city centre, Cadiz is a compact, city, appreciated for its peaceful Spanish way of life and excellent water sports, particularly surfing.

Easter & Summer Spanish programmes

Levels offered Elementary to Advanced
Age range 13 to 17 yrs
Course duration 1 week+ 
Number of lessons 20 group lessons per week
Lesson duration 50 minutes
Maximum per class 12 students
  • Timetable: 09.15 to 13.00 hrs
  • Class size: 6 to 12 students

Language skills covered: Grammar exercises and new structures, Oral and written expression, aural and written comprehension, phonetics, vocabulary and syntax. Offered mid June, July & early August the programme takes advantage of everything that Cadiz has to offer combining language lessons with activities, excursions and beach time!

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The school has a team of specialised teachers who have developed a programme whose aim is to keep the learning fun and engaging for the younger learner. Imparting a passion for the Spanish language, to enable each student to improve their oral and written knowledge of the language and to provide plenty of opportunities to put the Spanish language into practise both in and outside the classroom. There will be a group leader assigned to every 15 students Catering to appox. 70 students a week.

Course & Residence accommodation
July & August
1 wk € 849.00 2 wk € 1528.00
3 wk € 2315.00 4 wk € 2912.00
CESA Fee: € 60.00 per person  Extra night: € 55.00 per person
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Course & Host accommodation
April & June, July and August
1 wk   € 659.00 2 wks € 1203.00
3 wks € 1655.00 4 wks € 2084.00
CESA Fee: € 60.00 per person  Extra night: € 40.00 per person

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Fees quoted include: group tuition, accommodation with full board, shared room, full leisure programme, daily activities (sports, excursions, cultural visits) one half day excursion and a full day excursion each week and accident and health insurance.

girls in Cadiz on Teenage programme

Square next to residence

Student trip in Cadiz

Course Dates 2021

Course & Residence Dates
Summer 2021
July:  05, 12, 19, 26
August: 02, 09


Course & Hosts Dates
Easter 2021 Summer 2021
March:  29 June:  14, 21, 28
April:  05 July:  05, 12, 19, 26
  August:  02, 09


Public holiday: 2nd April     Lessons lost are not made up

Course Timetable

Monday to Friday: Breakfast with family from 08.00 Classes and breaks from 9:15 to 13:05 Lunch from 14:00 Activities from 16.00 (each weekday afternoon) Dinner with the family starting at 21:00

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Weekend: Saturday: Full day excursion with group leaders Sunday: Free day with the family (or if in the residence, morning group activity followed by an afternoon at the beach)

There are up to 75 students present each week, divided into different language level classes. Students improve general Spanish language skills, practise their Spanish daily, revise grammar structures and pronunciation and address linguistic weaknesses.

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Tutors are all native speakers who are also professional teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.


The school staff ensure students get out of the classroom and explore the sights of Cadiz. Orientation tour of Cadiz Weekend excursions Try your hand at kayaking

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Spend an afternoon surfing Hit the beach and chill out

Teenagers in Cadiz

Walking in Cadiz

Biking in Cadiz


With Spanish hosts:
April & June to August

Each student will be placed with a family with whom they will live during their stay here. Breakfast and dinner will take place with the family (lunch is eaten with the hosts, or they provide a picnic).

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The families used are carefully chosen with the Teenage programme in mind. The students share a room with another student (and live no more than 25 mins walk from the school). Students must respect the programme schedule and inform the family of any outings they have during the designated free time periods.

Summer residence: July & August

The residence is located in a university residence, off the main plaza, opposite the cathedral, within easy walk of the beach and in the heart of the historic centre. The residence can host up to 35 students.

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Offering: Single and (mainly) shared rooms with small en suite bathrooms and air-con, a large shaded Andalusian central courtyard, an on site cafeteria and canteen where meals are taken, 24 hr college group leaders supervision, free internet access (wifi) and study rooms.

Curfew Rules

Students in host accommodation: All students must be home by 23.30 hrs (Sunday to Thursday night) and by 00.30 hrs (Friday and Saturday nights). No alternative curfew can be offered. Failure to comply will be notified by the hosts to the school (who will advise CESA).

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Students in residence accommodation: Students staying the in the residence are not allowed out in the evening, unless as part of an organised school activity. – After the dinner, students always have an activity (with a monitor). After that, they are NOT allowed to go out. One monitor stays at the entrance of the residence and closes it at 24:00 hrs. Dinner takes place at 21:00 hrs, the activity generally begins at 22:00 hrs and finishes by 23:30 hrs (always with a monitor). At that time students must be inside the residence and ready to go to bed.

Cadiz: Residence bedroom

Cadiz: Residence dining hall

Cadiz: Residence


Transfer from Malaga airport

Travel time of transfer: approx 2.5 hrs Arrive and depart: Sunday only (no Saturday transfer) Arrival: Fly to Malaga airport. Staff will arrange a mini bus to collect students on Sunday. Leaving Malaga airport late afternoon and arriving in time for dinner in Cadiz (around 21.00 hrs). So we recommend you arrive no later than early afternoon. Departure: From Cadiz on Sunday only. The mini bus will leave Cadiz early in the morning, aiming to arrive in time for flights leaving after 10.30 hrs. So we recommend you book a return flight for 11.00 hrs (AM) or later in the day back home. Please note if all student flight time arrive early into Malaga or leave later in the day, then shuttle bus times will be adapted to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

Transfer from Seville airport

Travel time of transfer: 1 hr & 30 minutes Arrive : Sunday Depart: Saturday Fly with Easyjet from Gatwick, RyanAir from Stansted or Gatwick or with Iberia (via Madrid or Barcelona) to Seville

Transfer from Jerez airport

Travel time of transfer: 20 minutes Arrive: Sunday Depart: Saturday Fly with RyanAir from Stansted or with Iberia (via Madrid) to Jerez airport