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Is this course for you ? 
Yes.  If you're looking for a fun residential French language holiday, with the opportunity to try sailing in the afternoon.  Emphasis is placed on oral skills and developing linguistic self-confidence in the morning with an afternoon activity programme (either 5 afternoons at the beach, sailing for part of each PM or a mixture of 2 afternoons at the beach + sailing and activities on the other days).  Early reservations are advised!

Location Plus Points :

  • Hyeres is a beautiful town, with great beaches, just east of Toulon.
  • Great self contained campus environment, out of the town centre.
  • Only on site accommodation offered ~ no commuting to school, a coach takes students off site to the beach or on an activity or into Hyeres. 

Course Plus Points :

  • All teachers are fully qualified and experienced in the teaching of French as a foreign language.
  • Only French will be spoken in class.
  • One+ week course enrolment possible.
  • Adult supervision.
  • French language classes are all divided according to language level and nationality mix. 
  • 20 French lessons  plus 2 or 5 beach/sailing afternoons per week format

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The French language college in Hyeres offers French language courses, with sailing sessions in the afternoons, with other teenage language students, who have a similar French language level.  Students are immersed in France, speaking French with native French speaking teachers and the “animateurs” (who help organise the social activities each week) and are encouraged to socialise and make the most of their time in France. 

The French language lessons are based on songs, films, comic strips or other current documents of interest to stimulate student interest and to keep the lessons dynamic.  Social activities provide contrast and bring an additional element of fun to the overall programme. 

The French language college staff are aware that the students are on holiday and therefore do all they can to ensure students enjoy their French experience, both in and outside the classroom.

Course Description
Learn French and enjoy the Provencal sunshine of Hyeres. Famed for its palms, its beaches and the wealth of water sports on offer (the winds off the Giens peninsular make it a mecca for windsurfers and sailors alike), Hyeres is a French summer-time paradise, gloriously hot with fabulous beaches, a modern marina and a wonderful old town.  With its warm climate and reliable winds it is a great location for water lovers and sun worshippers alike.
The combination of the French language lessons with a Sailing Programme has real appeal! Every morning, from Monday to Friday, students study French in the classroom and then each afternoon, travel to the beach/Sailing Club for one hour plus sailing sessions on the water! (Please note: This is not an RYA course, it's a fun sailing option).  The weekends are dedicated to activities or free time.

Sailing lessons are arranged through a local, professionally organised Sailing Club and is offered to two age groups: 13 to 15 yrs and 12 and under - the Sailing club uses Hobby Cat 16s and TYKAs.

Students aged 9 to 12 yrs are welcome to join older brothers or sister on this French programme, but CESA will not take bookings for students aged 12 yrs or younger if travelling alone. Please contact CESA for further information on younger student course details.

Programmes Offered

French & 5 day Sailing Programme
One, two, three or four week programmes
20 group language lessons per week
Up to 15 students per class level
45 minutes per lesson
No lessons on the first Monday
plus an Five Day Sailing Programme
In total there are 36 language lessons over 2 weeks (unless a day is lost to a public holiday).  This is equal to a term of contact lessons at most UK schools.  Some 90% of the students opt for the Five Day Sailing Programme (5 PM sessions a week) rather than the Two Day Sailing Programme of 2 PM sessions a week.

French & 2 day Sailing Programme
One, two, three or four week programmes
20 group language lessons per week
Up to 15 students per class level
45 minutes per lesson
No lessons on the first Monday
plus an Two Day Sailing Programme
In total there are 36 language lessons over 2 weeks (unless a day is lost to a public holiday).  This is equal to a term of contact lessons at most UK schools. 

Four ability levels are catered for, in compliance with the
European framework of Reference:

                       Elementary:      A1 & A2
                       Intermediate:   B1-, B1, B1+
                       Advanced:        B2, C1, C2

* The college may alter the timetable so that Sailing sessions take place in the morning, and French classes are held in the afternoon, and sailing lessons will be cancelled if wind conditions are too strong. Exact timetable for all students will be decided once in France and individual student ability has been assessed.

A range of activities are offered, in addition to the Sailing courses,
as an inclusive part of this programme including
1/ one half-day trip,
2/ a full day trip, 
& 3/ a weekly barbecue or Crepes party for the students. 
Various activities are organised such as sports tournaments, themed activities etc. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings the group leaders offer a fun evening programme with games and entertainment.
Additional activities are offered as a rolling programme of events during the summer at additional cost. Students are advised of the options once in France, via a notice board in the Centre (i.e. water-skiing or horse-riding, all taught through local clubs by certified national qualified instructors).
No activities take place on the first or last day of a course, as the group leaders are busy helping students settle in, or depart at the end of their stay.

The college offers a residential based French & Fun centre in Hyeres so that students can attend their classes and live on site.  The programme is based in a local residence, rented specifically for the purpose by the French language college, during the popular months of July & August. 
Set in self contained grounds, the Centre accommodates 200 students and is just 12km from the sailing centre and beaches.  The college arranges a shuttle bus to the sailing centre (25 mins journey) and the beaches at agreed times each day.
The residence bedrooms are for 3 to 4 students with bathroom & WC’s off the corridor (no air conditioning).  There are no phones in the rooms, however students have access to a public phone.  There is a small, above ground swimming pool, a TV room, sports grounds for football, volleyball and basketball, a cafeteria and a theatre for evening shows on site.
Students aged 9/11yrs are placed in open space dormitory style rooms.

Going out Permission
Students aged 13 yrs old (or younger) will not be allowed out unaccompanied at any time.

Students aged 14/15 yr olds are welcome to leave campus unsupervised from 13.30 to 19.30 hrs and then return for dinner on campus.

Parents must complete a Permission Form.

Arrive: Sunday AM/Early PM
Depart: Saturday 

Fly to Nice International airport or to the Toulon/Hyeres local airport and take advantage of the inclusive two way transfer service to the college campus/host accommodation. Please ensure the flights arrive on the Sunday at a reasonable hour and likewise depart at a reasonable time on the Saturday. Set arrival days/times apply to the Nice transfer service and cannot be altered.
Students that fly to Nice, will spend part of the first day at the sister college in Antibes, where they can relax, swim and have an induction talk, prior to the onward coach trip to Hyeres.