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Spanish in San Sebastian

Spanish & Surfing in San SebastianColin Henderson
8 weeks Spanish language tuition
Standard Course in San Sebastian

I had really bad Spanish – could order a beer just, kinda get a room in a hostel (but generally reverted to English) and work out straight on from my left or right if trying to ask for the train station – otherwise zip.  Decided to “do” something about this.  Found CESA.  Liked the look of San Sebastian (those Atlantic rollers were a key factor in this) and booked!

Best plan I’ve put in action for a long time.   I was, as CESA stated, well taught and thoroughly trained in all aspects of the Spanish language by the language school in San Sebastian, so well that after four weeks of intensive study I’d moved up a level and was in control of a growing vocabulary (and this was despite a fairly decent intake of alcohol and the odd surfing afternoon or so, each week).

Seriously though thanks to CESA for inspiring me and the school staff for making me stick to it.  Consistency of study and plenty of practise ensured real results.  After 8 weeks I can’t believe the progress I made.  Nowadays I can talk in Spanish for 5 minutes solid and use an impressively wide vocab when ordering that beer!

If you want to make progress with your Spanish.
This is the way to do it.