Blog and Student Reviews: Vienna

Matthew: 12 weeks Languages for Life 20

I’d heard from a friend that the best way to learn German is to live in a German city.  I’d been to Vienna before, loved it and thought why not study there! When I contacted CESA they were quick to respond and gave good advice. They made the booking easy. I liked the school’s location […]

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Jenny: 8 weeks Standard Course

Why would you want to learn German in Vienna?  My friend, who is not at all interested in languages, just didn’t understand!  Learning a language abroad, in a city you didn’t know beforehand is an amazing, exciting incredible experience: 1/ you meet people from all over the world

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Miss Barton: 4 week Standard Course

I expected to grasp some general German in the four weeks I was there. I also expected basic, clean accommodation close to the school. My expectations were definitely met, I learnt enough German to get me started. The accommodation was great and only 2 minutes walking distance from the school.

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