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Terms & Conditions

CESA Languages Abroad is the trading name of Communication Experts Ltd. CESA Languages Abroad shall be referred to as CESA from this point on.

The “student” or “client” is the person or persons in whose name the booking is made or on whose behalf the booking is made.

CESA organises and acts as agents for overseas language schools which offer and supply students and others with tuition and accommodation for language courses in the country concerned.  CESA as agent effects all course and accommodation bookings and reservations for the students unless notified to the contrary.

This Agreement

This agreement is legally binding once CESA has received a completed enrolment form from the student, whether in writing or online once the required payment has been received by CESA and written confirmation sent to the student.  If the enrolment is made by telephone, the agreement is legally binding once the full enrolment details have been taken by CESA and once the required payment has been received by the company and written confirmation is sent to the student.

The specific written approval of CESA is required for any variation to this agreement.

The Laws of England shall apply to this agreement.

Payment Conditions

An enrolment fee of GBP 55.00, EUR 60.00 or USD 75.00 is charged in addition to the total costs of the course and accommodation.  This fee will be shown on the invoice and applies to each language course booked by a student.
Fees applicable from: 1st January 2021

A deposit of GBP 250.00, EUR 300.00 or USD 350.00 is required for enrolments made more than 8 weeks before the course is due to start, for each student enrolling.  The remaining fees are due not later than 8 weeks before the start of the course.
Fees applicable from: 1st January 2022

If the remaining fees are not received 8 weeks before the course is due to start, CESA may cancel the course (and accommodation) booked.  The deposit is non-refundable and the cancellation fees described below apply.

Full payment is required at the time of enrolling for bookings made less than 8 weeks before the course is due to start.  Exchange rate applied to be calculated on the day of payment.

Due to the changes in currency rates, exchange rate applied will be calculated on the day of payment.   No change will be made to the price of a course once full payment has been received.  However, prior to full payment being received prices may be subject to change as a result of currency fluctuations.

The language courses and accommodation prices displayed on our website are not live.  Although prices and availability are updated regularly, all courses and accommodation are subject to availability and prices can change in line with the exchange rate.  When you make a search on our website for a specific price, the website database will provide a detailed guide price.  However please contact CESA for an email or phone quote for the most current information.

Charges are sometimes made for registration fees, visa arrangements, course materials, examination fees and excursion/activity fees.  Seasonal rates may also apply to certain courses or types of accommodation.  Please see our price lists for details.

CESA will charge an additional fee of GBP 20.00, EUR 25.00 or USD 30.00 to cover the cost of any significant changes by the student to their booking, after the course confirmation has been issued.

Calculating the rate of exchange on the day of payment we deem fair to both parties as the rate of exchange can rise or fall.

Methods of Payment

Credit/Debit Card
Sterling Payment: CESA accepts payment by GB debit card and also GB Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
Euro Payment: CESA accepts payment by Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
Dollar Payment: CESA accepts payment by Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Cheques are no longer accepted by CESA Languages. Please contact the CESA office to discuss other payment options, if you are not sure which option to use.

Bank Transfer
Payment in full is required, free of bank charges, and you must inform the CESA office once you have made a transfer.  Payment to be made in Sterling, Euros or US dollars.  Please contact CESA for our bank details or refer to the information given on line, under “How to Pay”.

Travel Arrangements

CESA does not arrange travel to any of the countries where the language courses are offered.  All relevant travel documents should be arranged with a designated Travel Agent and the student or the student may make his/her own travel arrangements.  The student is responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents, including a valid passport and visa.  CESA will help with advice on travel to school.

Airport transfers can be offered in most locations, generally at extra cost.  CESA must receive full flight details at least 7 days prior to the student’s arrival date for their course.

Where required CESA will supply visa application support documents on request.  However CESA cannot be held responsible for any Consular authority’s decision as to whether or not a visa is issued.  It is the student’s responsibility to allow sufficient time to obtain a visa and they should check with the Consular authority regarding how long this is likely to take.

If the student cannot attend a language course because they were unable to obtain a visa, CESA will normally refund any fees paid, less the deposit, provided that the student can prove that they have been denied the visa due to reasons not within their control (allowing sufficient time for the application and completing the application correctly are considered the responsibility of the student) and providing that CESA is notified of this in writing no later than 2 weeks before the course is due to start.  Otherwise, normal cancellation fees will apply.

If documentation is denied for a reason/s within the student’s control (such as the student not possessing a valid passport, or other necessary documentation or not allowing sufficient time for the visa to be issued), the standard cancellation fees will apply.

Accuracy of Information

CESA makes every effort to ensure that the information in our literature and website is accurate however CESA does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions.  The company acts as an agent and does not own or operate any language school, accommodation, transport or other facility.  All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of the School or other Principal and are their responsibility.  CESA is dependent on information supplied to us by the Schools and the authorities abroad, who are at liberty to make changes at any time.  We therefore ask that you discuss with us any details which are of particular importance to you before you make your booking.

Changes to booking, by the student

With the prior agreement of CESA, students may change details of the agreed booking or postpone their start date but ONLY provided that CESA receives written notice from the student at least 28 days prior to the start of the course.  Amendments and postponements are subject to a GBP 20.00, EUR 25.00 or USD 30.00 charge however CESA may withdraw this charge at their sole discretion, if the changes or postponement result in the extension or upgrading of a booking. It is not possible to amend, downgrade or postpone a language course after the date on which a student is due to move into their accommodation or start their course, however once the student has started the course an extension or upgrade may be possible at additional cost depending on availability and can only be arranged with the agreement of the partner school.

Other changes to a booking

If a student is unable to attend the language course they have reserved because they are found not to have the appropriate language level after completing the initial level test, CESA will offer an alternative course or private lessons.  The number of private lessons will necessarily be fewer than the group course booked.

CESA endeavours to ensure that all our students receive the service and products that they book.  We cannot, however take responsibility for disruptions to language courses resulting from forces out of our control (such as earthquakes, other natural disasters, strikes or the outbreak of war), the fault of the student or the actions of a third part (CESA cannot accept responsibility for amendments to bookings, such as changes in arrangements for transport, tuition, accommodation, or any other matters where made by other parties).

Lessons lost as a result of the above causes will not be recovered or refunds given.

Missed lessons and activities

There will be no classes on public holidays.  Therefore, if a public holiday falls on a day or days during which a student is attending a course, they can expect to not receive lessons on that day.  We have tried to indicate on our “PDF Start Dates and Prices” information and on the “Get a Quote Course Finder” the days on which public holidays fall.  However, the public holiday dates that we provide are subject to alteration by national and local authorities and should only be used as a guide.

Lessons may be missed due to level testing and induction activities on the first day of a course. In some schools, the first lesson will be lost and in others a large part of the day may be dedicated to welcome activities.  Lessons may also be lost at the end of a course due to evaluation tests.

There will be no recuperation or refund of classes missed for the above reasons, unless otherwise stated.


Classes at the language schools generally run from Monday to Friday, starting on Mondays (unless Monday is a public holiday).  Class lesson duration varies between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the partner school.  The exact lesson length is quoted under each language school’s entry in the CESA website, on our “PDF Start Dates and Prices” information and on the “Get a Quote Course Finder”.

Every student, excluding complete beginners, will be required to complete a language level assessment, either on the first Monday of their language course or prior to arrival, after which they will be placed into a class appropriate to their language level.


Accommodation is generally allocated from the SUNDAY before a course starts until the SATURDAY after it finishes.  The school’s standard arrival and departure dates are quoted under each language school’s entry in the CESA website, on our “PDF Start Dates and Prices” information and on the “Get a Quote Course Finder”.

Extra night/s accommodation can sometimes be arranged according to availability and at additional cost.  There is generally a limit of 2 extra nights, after which a full extra week price will be charged.  In some cases no additional accommodation can be arranged outside of the standard arrival/departure arrangements.  Discounts for students leaving their accommodation earlier than the standard departure date cannot be arranged.

Hosts also referred to as private household accommodation, are carefully chosen by the language school staff and can be a married couple or single person, with or without children.  Hosts generally offer the option of “Bed and Breakfast”, where only breakfast is included in the price, half-board, where breakfast and the evening meal are included in the price (in some cases half-board means breakfast and the midday meal, where this is the case CESA states it in the “PDF Start Dates and Prices”, on the CESA website and on the “Get a Quote Course Finder”) or full-board where breakfast, lunch and the evening meal are included in the price.  Students do not have access to the host family kitchen to make their own meals, unless otherwise stated.

Shared apartments provide basic self-catering accommodation for our language course students.  In some case the apartments are shared with local people, in others the student will share with other language students.  CESA quotes which option, or where relevant if both options are offered under each school’s entry in the CESA website, on our “PDF Start Dates and Prices” information and on the “Get a Quote Course Finder”. Studio apartments are private, self-contained, fully-furnished apartments for one or two people.

Residence accommodation can be large houses accommodating around 10 plus students or larger buildings housing a hundred plus students.  Residences often have a reception service and may offer accommodation on a self-catering, half-board or full-board basis.  Residences may also have catering facilities and other amenities and these will be quoted under each school’s entry in the CESA website, on our “PDF Start Dates and Prices” information or on the “Get a Quote Course Finder”.

Please note that seasonal surcharges may apply to certain types of accommodation.

Accommodation is generally arranged on a single room basis per student.  Where shared room accommodation is offered, it is offered to students travelling together either as friends or as a couple, there are some exceptions to this rule, whereby a single student may share with another language student unknown to them and where applicable these instances are quoted under each language school’s entry in the CESA website, on our “PDF Start Dates and Prices” information or on the “Get a Quote Course Finder”.

Activities and Excursions

Information about activities and excursions offered at our language schools should only be used as a guide and not as an accurate list of events.  Please contact us prior to booking if you require specific information about any of the activities offered.

Cancellation by the Student
Should this agreement be cancelled by the students the following provisions apply:

Cancellation must be made in writing to the CESA office (email is acceptable if verified that it reached CESA staff).  The day that notification is received in writing by the CESA office is the official cancellation day and the cancellation provisions laid out below will apply.

All cancellations incur a loss of deposit.  In addition, the following charges apply and are payable to CESA by the student:

Cancellation up to 56 days before the start of the course: loss of deposit only
Cancellation between 55 and 28 days before the start of the course: 25% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation
Cancellation between 27 and 14 days before the start of the course: 50% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation
Cancellation between 0 and 13 days before the start of the course: 100% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation

In each case the day the student was due to start the course shall be counted as Day “0”. No refund shall be given on or after Day “0”.

If a new booking is made in place of the cancelled course, CESA may at it’s sole discretion withdraw certain cancellation charges in favour of the student.

Cancellation by one or more students where they are part of a group booking may give rise to a charge at a rate which equates to the student or students having booked as individuals rather than as a group.

Students cancelling their language course booking once confirmation has been received must return to CESA all of the official documents relating to their admission to the country and to the language school.

Complaints Procedure

If the student believes there is a genuine reason for complaint, relating to CESA, a partner language school or associated accommodation arrangements the students MUST notify the language school, whilst still abroad or CESA by phone or email as soon as possible.  We will respond to all reasonable complaints and do all we can to resolve the situation.  Ideally the language school staff should be advised in situ in the first instance, if this does not bring about a satisfactory conclusion, the CESA office in the UK must be contacted.  CESA can offer no redress on a complaint notified after the course has ended and the student has left the language school, if no complaint was made in reasonable time whilst the student was on the course.

If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions, please contact us at:

CESA Languages Abroad
CESA House
Pennance Road
TR16 5TQ  GB


UK: 01209 211800
Int’l: +44 1209 211800