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Travel Insurance for Language Students

>  Get a quote or book SHORT STAY insurance

Students 13yrs plus:
Exclusively arranged for CESA Languages Abroad students (including students 13yrs+), this Short Stay insurance will cover teenagers travelling independently on a language course abroad.  

Click on the link above,
select "Next",
select type of policy: "Silver Single Trip" at the end of the list of options
& follow the instructions 

      SHORT STAY Silver scheme: From 13yrs of age
      Insurance Cover for all UK and EU residences
      Duration: 7, 14, 21 or 28 days offered (up to a maximum of 42 days)

If using another Insurance provider, you must check that the student is appropriately covered. Please explain that the student is travelling abroad without adult supervision. Many travel policies will not provide cover in this situation.


>  Get a quote or book LONG STAY insurance 

       LONG STAY schemes: From 16yrs / Upto 55 yrs of age
       Insurance Cover for all UK and EU residents
       Duration: 1 to 12 Months and ongoing


If you are an EU citizen you MUST take your EHIC with you.
Please note the EHIC only offers limited medical cover and Repatriation is an Exclusion - which is why private travel insurance is essential.

CESA strongly recommends you take out private travel insurance for your own financial and personal security.

Please read the Policy details, available on the Insurance website links above. in full, in order to establish the full terms of the cover.

These insurance policies are only valid for EU based CESA Languages students.  If you are resident outside the EU, these insurance policies are not appropriate.

We advise you to book insurance at the sametime as booking your CESA Languages course, as cover will start for pre-departure Cancellation from your policy issue date. You are then provided with cover, should you have to cancel your course for an insured reason such as illness or serious accident, which prevents you from travelling.