Blog and Student Reviews: Moscow

Three weeks learning Russian in Moscow

Jo Hubbard 3 weeks Russian course in Moscow I studied at the Russian language school with CESA before and the first time round I was pleasantly surprised by the class size, central location and the friendliness I experienced. Frankly I was amazed by how much Russian I understood from the teachers from the beginning (I […]

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Summer School in Moscow

Sarah : 2 wks Standard Course I knew it would be a short course, so I didn’t expect to learn more than some basic grammar and words, just enough to make simple sentences.  In general, I didn’t really know what to expect apart from what the CESA Briefing Pack said about Moscow itself.

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James Appell: 16 week Russian Gap Year Course

In the first month of my gap year, while I was still at home wondering what to do with myself (my gap year was unplanned, forced upon me after the whole A-level exams cock-up – a story for another time), I got sick of hearing everyone talking about Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and all the other […]

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