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Great Spanish Teachers in Salamanca

12 weeks in Salamanca

I headed to Salamanca for a new lifestyle of 5 Spanish lessons a day, siesta & fiesta.

Time flew by far too fast on the course, in a blur of an ever-changing student body at school and after-party exhaustion. Although as someone who is staying more permanently it’s sad to see people come and friends go, I love how international an experience the Spanish school in Salamanca offers, as it attracts everyone from everywhere.

Your facebook friends count will explode, if that gets you going. But I know these are not only cyber friends but people I will fly to another country to see when I next can! Because you see a lot of people from school when you´re out in the evening (Salamanca’s on the small side – watch out, it´s very likely you´ll see people you’d rather not see from the night before, around during the day!), so when you’ve shared experiences in some of the unforgettably cheesy clubs Salamanca throws at you (you won’t find another ‘Camelot’ anywhere in the world) you can party anywhere together!!

Want to learn Spanish?  Just go!

I can tell you it’s worthwhile, just in terms of the global networking you’ll be doing, as well as the amount of Spanish you´ll be learning, and the experiences you’ll have – eating vast amounts of tapas on the school tapas tours, seeing more of an amazingly rich country on trips to nearby cities, or exploring Salamanca by night on night walks, all organised through the language school. The teachers are all good-humoured and will broach any subject to get you talking Spanish, which I really appreciate, especially when you´re getting excellent speaking practice and matchmaking advice in one go…

So, like the others, my review also finishes with one recommendation: Get yourself to Salamanca!