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A Summer course in Barcelona

Park GuellDominic Taylor
3 weeks Spanish course
Standard Course in Barcelona

I had GCSE Spanish and felt if my language skills were going to be of any use to me I’d better take them further than this!  In truth my GCSE Spanish really wasn’t worth a lot, but I was able to start from elementary rather than beginner level, even though I had no confidence in speaking the language at all.

By the end of the course I could converse and understand conversations far better than every before.  I would have liked to have achieved a higher level of fluency but I fear my hopes for my progress in 3 weeks was a little optimistic.

I loved the Spanish lessons and the teachers – they really were excellent.  All the staff I dealt with were helpful and patient (especially good to know, if you’re trying to use Spanish seriously in every day situations for the first time, as I was).

I could probably have improved my Spanish more if I hadn’t enjoyed socialising with the other students quite so much.  I did manage some after school study, but not as much as some of the older students if I’m honest!  To be fair there was just so much to see and do in Barcelona, that I didn’t want to miss any of it. Barcelona really is a beautiful city – the architecture, the art, the beach and the night life were fabulous.  So my advice to future students, go for longer you have to do it all, so you have to allow more time to improve your Spanish.  I’d say at least 4 weeks, and ideally 6 weeks+, if you can.

I found the local people to be really kind.  Happy to let me talk Spanish, no matter how slowly  and keen to encourage me to use their language.

I stayed in the Uni residence, about 20/25 mins by metro from the school.  There were quite a lot of us, so it was a very friendly place to live.  I found the room clean, comfortably furnished and spacious and the residence porter was always helpful.  A great base for a summer course student – would definitely recommend it if anyone was going out in July or August.