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A well organised Spanish course in Nerja

Over 50 Course in Nerja
One week course

I was really impressed with the course. It was extremely well organised and efficient so very little time had to be spent on administration, assessments etc. The course in the classroom was very motivating as it was a very good balance of  speaking and listening  and included some very well structured speaking activities that gave me the confidence to speak not only to the partner I was working with but also to the whole class and outside the class.

The teachers were very well prepared and creative, using a variety of methodologies to facilitate learning. He  was also very expressive and entertaining so there was never a dull moment.

The school building was very clean, light and attractive. The classrooms were well equipped with the latest technology and there was a lovely area outside with a little cafe. All very conducive to learning.

The accommodation was absolutely first class. In fact 5 star and so close to the school.

What did you think of CESA staff in the UK … Very helpful and efficient.