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Brett Cayley: 2 week Intensive Course

تحية من الرباط – Greetings from Rabat

I have recently returned from a two week stint in Rabat learning Arabic. I have met a variety of different people from all over the world. The students and staff are very friendly and hospitable. I spent the first week with a Moroccan family which was a great experience and they spoke both French and Arabic.

The course was quite intensive with 6 hours of lessons a day, homework and exams at the end of the week. This came as a bit of a shock at 27, it’s been a while since my last exam. But this all ensures that you learn as much as possible. The class sizes were small so they could pay a lot of attention to your language development and everyone in the class got to know each other very well.

Rabat is on the coast so it is a quick trip to the beach. The rail service in the country is very good and we tripped to Marrakesh during the weekend. There are school organized trips including a trip to the Saharan Dessert and excursions to the Souk and Palaces during the week. Overall it was a fantastic experience although the roads can be a bit precarious.

Kind Regards – Brett