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Christian: 6 week Spanish Course

“ I expected quite an academic approach to learning Spanish, in particular with reference to the grammar aspects of learning. I also expected most people to be much younger than me (I’m 35).

Linguistically the course proved more challenging than I first imagined – the pace of learning was extremely quick. The other students were far more sociable than I had thought they would be. This became fundamental to the learning process in the classroom environment. The lessons went very quickly, a consequence of the enjoyable nature of the teaching process. My teacher used a variety of teaching methods including music and role-play, with two-way conversation being the most common and popular method of learning. The one to one mini group seniors were outstanding, although mentally tiring at times.

The Spanish school in Seville was professional from the start and the staff helpful and approachable. I would have no hesitations in recommending this school to other students.

The best part of the language course was the variety of people I met, socialised, got drunk with and danced in several nightclubs with!

The worst part of the course was that 4 weeks was not long enough – I would have liked to have stayed for 4 months to really consolidate my Spanish.

I have nothing but positive memories of my time in Seville. The weekend trips organised by the college were interesting and excellent value for money. I have already returned to Seville once since completing the course to see my friends who are still studying there.

Seville is an excellent destination for any length of course, whilst I would happily study there for 4-6 months; it is great for just a week or two as well. The nightlife is outstanding and eating out is very cheap in the tapas bars. I had a very busy social life with a range of friends from all over Europe. Language students are really welcomed and made to feel at home in Seville.

I received an outstanding and professional service from CESA from the start.

Would I go again? Tomorrow! I really wish I had done this course in my early twenties and spent 6 months learning Spanish and 6 months learning another language (CESA has so many interesting courses to offer). The course provided the perfect opportunity to change my perspective as I leave the Royal Navy and embark on a second career.