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Daisy: 6 weeks Standard Course

Daisy, wanted to improve her Italian as she was planning to move to Italy with her boyfriend. 

  “I expected to finish my course with a more than basic understanding of Italian, whilst able to converse with relative ease with the natives. It was also as much to do with making new friends, having just moved to Italy for my boyfriend’s job. My expectations were met linguistically and generally. The lessons were as good as they could have been, presented in a way which was easy for the whole class to understand, the student to teacher interaction was fun and it never felt like work, which was why I extended my course for 2 more weeks.
I felt at ease straight away, despite the obvious nerves, the staff and teachers were welcoming and helpful at all times. The school is situated so centrally that it is perfect for all sightseeing, nights out etc.
The best part of the language course were decidedly the friends I made but also of course the growing awareness of an affinity with the language. All lessons are completed in Italian, so within a week you feel you’ve been fully immersed.  All the students were friendly and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer class, which perhaps stopped me from interacting with the other students, not in my class. The social activities sounded good although I didn’t take part in any. I thought the way the lessons were scheduled for the standard course were perfect – 3 hrs was not too much, just enough!

Rome is the perfect destination to learn Italian, it’s easy to live well and on a budget once you have become accustomed to the various tourist traps and what is an acceptable price to pay for things. The locals were relatively welcoming providing you made the effort to converse with them in Italian. The city is as safe as most cities providing you take all the obvious precautions.
The nightlife is great, especially in the summer. I think the best place for all students to explore and socialise is ‘Trastevere’ both day and night. There is a lot to do during the day. It’s the best way to explore the nooks and crannies of the city.
CESA services were perfectly efficient. The staff were helpful and I think it made me feel more confident dealing with a company in my own country. I would have loved to have continued my course for longer, perhaps I will go back if circumstances permit.”