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Intensive Spanish Course in Granada

Short term Courses in GranadaElizabeth
2 weeks in Granada
Intensive Course

“I expected quite formal lessons in a similar way to school. Lots of grammar and writing! The style of the school was very different; it was very relaxed and fun. It never felt like you were working hard even though you were learning a lot.

They used so many different methods to teach Spanish in the Intensive Course, there was always a variety but it was a continuous reinforcement of what you had learnt. All the lessons were excellent! The teachers were quick to learn names and to learn strengths and weaknesses. The teachers were a great team and one lesson flowed into the next seamlessly. The personalities of the teachers were vital to the teaching style and this is why the school worked so well.

The Spanish language school in Granada was excellent, all the staff and teachers were approachable, friendly and made you feel at home and part of life there straight away. It was a beautiful place and the school café made socialising with the other students and the teachers easy.

The best parts of the course were the teachers, the style of the lessons, the interaction between all levels, the variety and the methods used. The worst part of the course was having to leave!

The other students were great, I made so many friends. The school is small so you know everyone in two days. The social activities were well-organised and great fun. There is a film night once a week which great fun. I was very lucky to be at the school whilst they were working with a group of young classical singers from America. We had free concerts most nights and it was a fantastic bonus.

Granada is a university town and was a great place to socialise (even out of term time). There were great Tapas bars and I hardly spent any money. It took a day or two to get used to the Andalusian accent, but people were very easy to talk to. Granada is not a place for the serious clubber, but there are fun places to go out at night. I thought falling into bed at 6am in the morning was something I had left behind in my student days! There is also a lot to do during the day and places to visit within easy reach for the weekend.

I stayed in a shared apartment. It was one of the best the school had (all the teachers said so). I loved it! It was 5 minutes from the school and 5 minutes from the centre of Granada. It was clean and had everything I needed.

CESA were very helpful at all times. The information they gave me regarding the school and Granada was very useful.

I loved Granada and would definitely go back. But also I would recommend going to a language school to anyone who wants to start to learn or improve their language skills. I don’t know why I didn’t go sooner!”