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Learn Spanish in Benalmadena, Spain

Learn Spanish in BenalmadenaEve Wade: 2 week Standard Course.

“I expected that I would be older than the other students in my Spanish language class but hoped that Iwould not be. Actually my class consisted of a Japanese gent even older than me (!) plus 6 others; one other Irish girl, about 30yr old and younger Spanish students from Sweden, Holland, Russia and Japan.

The Spanish language school was well located and it turned out that Benalmadena was a great place to learn Spanish in, so I need not have worried. My grammar teacher Rosa was brilliant and my spoken Spanish teacher Julio was excellent. They were both very easy to approach and very happy to explain anything about the Spanish language you did not understand. Both teachers were native speakers and seemed to love their jobs – Rosa was always smiling and completely approachable and very happy to help you out.

On first day of arrival I completed a written test to assess my level of Spanish. I was placed in the advanced class. We had grammar lessons each morning from 9am to 11am, break for 30 mins and then an oral session from 11.30am to 1.30pm.

The grammar lessons were excellent – we each were given an excellent Spanish language grammar book. We also received other documents prepared by the teacher. We had grammar homework each night and a test every Friday on the week’s work. The teacher, Rosa was excellent and used the black board continuously to explain a difficult topic, staying with any individual pupil until he/she understood the topic. It was done in such a nice way that nobody could feel uncomfortable.

The Spanish oral lessons were also excellent and each day we each were asked what we did the previous evening and what we were going to do that evening. Also for example, the teacher would ask students what did Evelyn say she did last evening and you would have to answer. Every day, every student had
to ask all the other students a question  and all students had to  answer – something as simple as what is your favourite colour and why. Flash cards were also used by the Spanish teacher as an aid to help the language students frame questions.

Many of the students were studying at the Spanish language school for 3 or 4 months and I joined them in mid stream.  The first day was difficult but thereafter it was plain sailing. The other students and the teachers were very friendly and I have already been in touch with some of students.

The Spanish language school in Benalmadena, was perfect. The staff and teachers were all very friendly and approachable. Its situation was very good. I stayed in the Riviera Hotel, which was on the beach and if I walked (all up hill) it would take app. 25 minutes but a taxi for Euro 5 would take approx. 5 minutes. I walked back each day in about 15 minutes.

Grammar – The best part of the course was that the Subjunctive Tense was clearly explained and as it is not a tense in the English language most students find it very difficult. Oral – I became more confident speaking Spanish. Some of the other students could not speak English, so to communicate we had to speak Spanish.

There were no worst parts of the course for me – if I had no family commitments, I would have stayed for another month!

After 2 weeks at the Spanish language school I can honestly say that all of the students and the teachers were lovely. It was very interesting to hear some of the other students and teachers speak of life in their different countries. I did not avail myself of the cultural programmes or excursions however as I felt that after 4 hours of lessons it was enough! However even as a mature student, I felt I would have been very welcome.

I stayed in a hotel but eating out for lunch was cheap especially in the local Spanish small restaurants. The local people were very friendly.

As I was a mature student I stayed in a hotel and would recommend the Riviera Hotel on the beach and reception called a taxi in the morning which arrived in 2 minutes and it took about 5 minutes to get there.
Absolutely yes I would recommend the Spanish language courses in Benalmadena to any student, mature or otherwise. In fact, I may very well return again prior to completing my Degree in June!

It was sad leaving and the teachers readily made themselves available for photographs, which I am glad to have as momentos of a lovely time learning Spanish in Benalmadena.”