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One week in Salamanca

1 week Standard Course
Salamanca, Spain

“I wanted to do the course to improve my Spanish a little and meet new people.

I learnt much more than I thought was possible in a week. The style of teaching was more interesting than I had hoped for and the teachers were all brilliant and used many different teaching techniques. I was also pleasantly surprised by the vast range of people of different nationalities, meaning I only communicated in Spanish!

I loved the lessons at the Salamanca language school. The teachers were fantastic as they were very friendly and made us feel welcome. They managed to teach Spanish, in Spanish, to a class all of whom spoke different languages as their mother tongue. The variety of techniques (oral discussions, essays, listening etc) meant I learnt a huge amount.

The school is in a beautiful location, with a friendly atmosphere and there was always someone to talk to.

The best part of the course was class discussions, role plays and learning more about general life in Spain.

Other students in my class were great, they were all really enthusiastic and it was wonderful for me to meet people from different nationalities. The class size was only five which meant we got to know each other well and all received ample attention.

The cultural lessons were great, very interesting as we learnt things on a wide variety of topics and we also had an excursion to an Art museum one day.

Salamanca is a brilliant destination; it is now my favourite city in the world. As it is a University town, it has a great atmosphere and is a wonderful place to be a student!

It is possible to eat well in the Plaza Mayor and quite cheaply if you are careful.

Local people very friendly we were able to speak to them easily and even had a religious debate with one of them on our first day!

I felt very safe in the town; there was always people (often families) about even late at night, so we never felt vulnerable.

The night life was awesome! It was wonderful to feel that Spain was so alive at anytime of the day. There was so much to do at night from listening to music in the Plaza Mayor to clubs and bars!

Social life was great because everyone was on a course, people made friends very easily and we went out with English, Americans, Hungarians, Swiss and French people!

Camelot is a great club! During the day just being in the Plaza Mayor, and strolling around the Cathedral is enough to keep you occupied! I never felt bored!

My host family were so welcoming and friendly, I loved staying there. They were always there to help us, direct us to interesting places, book taxis etc. The whole residence had a lovely atmosphere and we met lots of lovely people there as well. I would really recommend staying there to anyone, as the rooms and bathrooms were very nice and the people were so welcoming. It felt like home immediately!

CESA were good, they organised a fantastic course for me! Thank you.

I would definitely go again. I have already been planning it with people whom I met in Salamanca. I would really recommend anyone to go, both generally to do a language course and specifically the school in Salamanca. It is impossible to specify my most memorable moments as I enjoyed everything.”