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Four weeks in Shanghai

Chinese language courses in ShanghaiName: Susanne Risch
4 weeks in Shanghai
Intensive Chinese language course
Q: How are you finding your studies in China?
A: My studies in Shanghai have been the perfect introduction of the Mandarin language and a great opportunity to get at least a first insight in the Chinese way of living. Besides I have enjoyed the acquaintanceship and inspiring exchange of ideas with my classmates coming from allover the world very much. Probably I am not the only student who regards an accurate pronunciation and an improved listening comprehension as a true challenge… The more I highly recommend spending some time in China to further expand your listening experiences / habits – and your sense of humor in case of inevitable linguistically lapses.  
Q: What do you find most interesting about Shanghai?
A: The diversity, the dynamic growth, the optimism, the contradictions – finally the people.
Q: What advice/tips would you give to others who plan to come and study in China?
A: Schedule enough time for the repetition of the learnt lessons in order to ensure that your new Mandarin knowledge is saved in your long-term memory. Be careful to learn the correct tone (also in Pinyin writing!) because the more your vocabulary grows the more you will notice that you are depend on the phonetics to decrypt the spoken and written Mandarin / Pinyin. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes if you are talking to local people. A smile is understood everywhere.