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French Private Tuition in Nice

Clive Richards

One week: French Private Tuition
Nice, France

I’d attended a few private classes in the UK to refresh my somewhat rusty school French and wanted to take the whole thing to a better level.  Saw an advert in The Telegraph and decided to try a course abroad – whole new concept to me, so had no idea what to expect really. 

I was delighted with the French language school in Nice, very relaxed teaching style, very conversation orientated which worked so well for me.  A very structured approach wouldn’t have suited me and I didn’t want to work with other students, so this was perfect.  We worked from newspaper articles, TV programmes and there was plenty of chat – did wonders for my confidence and helped tune in my ear.

I didn’t get involved with the activities offered by the college.  I was only there for a week, so wanted to concentrate on my studies and just quietly explore Nice.  Impressed with the professionalism of the teachers and the support staff.  Lovely school, well located in central Nice, within easy reach of everywhere I needed to go. It’s a great city, plenty to see and do and such great weather.  Hope I get the chance to go there again soon.

I stayed in a Hotel recommended by the French school, just a few minutes walk away.  Comfortable, convenient and friendly staff.

Honestly I learnt more in the week than I thought possible.  In addition it was fun and I had some good laughs on the way. Thanks CESA for a great week.