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French revision in Antibes

Mark Thomas
1 week French course in Antibes
Standard Teenager course

Last Easter in a weak moment I agreed to go on a French summer course to work on my language skills – my parents thought that immersion in the language would help me.  I knew it was a weak subject for me, so agreed to give it ago – but would only go for a week. I can now say that was a mistake, I should have gone for longer, but I guess we all know better with hindsight.

Linguistically it worked really well for me, it wasn’t total immersion (which I think I’d have found too scary) as there was always someone I could find to talk to in English but there were a lot of students from Spain and Germany etc who didn’t speak English well, so I had to use my French more than I thought.

I thought the French lessons in Antibes were great.  Informative and good student teacher communication.  Staff were helpful and understanding.

Good bus service to the beach and town.  I loved the warm evenings and afternoons spent in Antibes and Juan-les-Pins.  Great to people watch and some of the yachts moored up in the marina were unreal!  The town was picturesque and had a summer buzz to it. Nice little restaurants in Antibes, though not cheap.

The other students were friendly and I have kept in contact with many of them.  Had a real laugh at the college “soirees”, especially when the group leaders got dressed up.  Good to have the BBQ evening early in the week, so we could all get to know each other.

To sum up…

My French improved
Great chance to meet new people
Amazing memories
Wished I’d booked for 2 weeks
Would love to go again