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French school in Montpellier, at 50+

French language school in MontpellierMrs Grim
2 wks in Montpellier
Combined Course

It was a sink or swim situation, as I leapt into the unknown!

My expectations changed almost on a daily basis. I was expecting an intensive time in class and was a little apprehensive for the one-on-one sessions with a French private tutor.  I chose a host family and was also apprehensive about that, but chose this option so I would be immersed both in the French language and the culture.

Actually I was pleasantly surprised because it was not nearly as daunting as I thought it would be.  On the whole my expectations of the French language school in Montpellier were exceeded.  I can truly say I had the most amazing experience.

I enjoyed my time at the French language school in Montpellier and my experience was that staff were generally helpful and approachable.  The school’s position in Montpellier was very convenient, nice and central for everything.  I especially liked being able to walk everywhere, from where I was staying.  Oh, the joy of escaping the car for a couple of weeks!

I joined the French school excursion to Provence and thought it was well organised and had a great visit to the beach (well it was July).

I’m in my 50’s and was worried that I’d be too old to learn or unaccepted by younger students – but being older frankly made no difference – I was treated like of of the students and spent time with the class group outside of school lessons.  In fact I really enjoyed the mix of students, age wise and in terms of nationality, we were a mixed bunch.

I loved the summer buzz in Montpellier – and it’s diversity.  It was difficult to get shop keepers to speak French with me, as they were so keen to practise their English!  : )  I felt safe in Montpellier, which is always important when travelling on your own.

My hostess was very welcoming.  As warned by CESA my room was comfortable but basic (but then I wasn’t paying for the Ritz).  The meals weren’t the most exciting and there were shower restrictions imposed by my hostess, which was a pain in the summer heat but she did go out of her way to make my stay pleasant and even took me out on a couple of occasions, which she wasn’t expected to do.

Thanks CESA for your amazing service and for encouraging me to register for two weeks instead of one!  Infact if I do this again I would look at going for at least three weeks.  This could become an annual pilgrimage for me!  Simply amazing!