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French teenage course in France

Rebecca Worth
2 weeks French course
Antibes, France

I was really looking forward to my stay in Antibes.  The website and preparation booklet explained the course without exaggeration or over complication.  It showed courses dedicated to the French lessons, whilst showing potential students what fun could be had.  In this way I expected a relaxed academically focused course.

I felt the French programme in Antibes worked really well and I learnt more and enjoyed the lessons far more than I had on previous French courses.  I think the whole experience was more relaxed that I had expected.

My teacher was terrific and taught French in a really interesting way.  We discussed world events, listened to music and spoke about our culture, all in French.  This has encouraged me to continue with my French in the UK, I wasn’t sure I wanted to before the summer course.

The campus environment in Antibes was one of the big attractions for me, I just didn’t want to live with French hosts.  The staff were friendly and professional.  They interacted with the students well whilst always making sure that things got done.  I felt instantly welcomed when I first met them, which got rid of first day nerves!  CESA said they would happen and they did.  The system shock of being somewhere you don’t know with people you don’t know has to be mentioned – so you aren’t surprised when it happens.  However those moments were completely made up for by the fun I had, the first BBQ, both Friday nights and the Saturday trip to Monaco, all fantastic!

I made some great friends from across Europe (all now Facebook friends) and I’m still in touch with most of them.

Antibes was lovely, plenty to explore bout small enough to feel safe in.  I loved the market by the harbour, the banana boating and just drinking coke in the cafes and watching France walk by!

The residence was nice enough, the rooms were simple but it was comfortable enough and some of the rooms had fantastic views to the sea!

Thanks CESA.  All in all, a fun course which helped me learn a lot of French and make many new friends.  There was such a relaxed feel.  Staff were helpful and the freedom to explore in the afternoons was terrific.

If you want to work on your French over the summer with other young people, the CESA Antibes French course is a great programme to choose.  My memories of the trip are endless and all make me smile, the cabaret show (showing the mixed show talents of the staff), Friday night beach parties and banana boating made the trip for me.