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French Teenage course in July Biarritz

One week French & Activities Course
Summer programme in Biarritz for Teenagers

Your course… my course on the whole was very memorable and enjoyable. I went to Biarritz for the teen summer course for just one week. I liked the balance between morning lessons and afternoon activities. I wish I had stayed more than one week as I think that longer would have been more beneficial. All the other teens at the course were very friendly and nice.

Your teachers… I had two teachers during the week. They were both very friendly and helpful during lessons. They were creative in their approach to teaching and made the lessons fun and the mornings passed quickly.

The school… had a nice atmosphere and colourful classrooms, although the quality of the outdoor toilets could be improved.

The accommodation… My host mother was very nice and always cooked good food and plenty of it. The house was really comfortable and my bedroom, the bathroom and the lounge area were all very nice. I would definitely want to stay in her house again. Talking to other people in the course I could tell that my host mother was among one of the nicest.


What did you think of CESA staff in the UK … very nice and friendly and organised.