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Learning German in Berlin to help your CV

German Language Schools in Berlin Geraldine Lynch
6 weeks
Standard German course in Berlin

I hadn’t studied German after A-level and upon completing my Physics Degree wanted to improve my German, mainly for personal satisfaction. It will also help to have it on my CV.

The classes were enthusiastically taught and quite a lot of homework was given, encouraging me to work on my language skills outside of the class.

I learnt a lot of grammar at the German language school in Berlin and discovered that I hadn’t been taught well before in the UK. Living with a Berliner really helped me to learn German effectively and quickly too. The regular tests at the language school encouraged us to review the material and topics studied each week. The broadening of our vocabulary was pushed too and so my German improved enormously whilst I was in Berlin.

The German language school was fantastic. The out of class social activity programme was superb, encouraging students to mix and soak up some German culture. The school was bright and airy, I had the pleasure of being taught by enthusiastic and keen teachers who were friendly and approachable. It was an absolute pleasure to attend the school in Berlin.

I felt the time was balanced well and a broad range of activities were offered from the educational to the adventurous to the purely sociable. The mix of lessons and homework put a focus on how best to learn German without taking too much time away from enjoying the Berlin experience and the school activities. A perfect balance. I was delighted with my experience. I met some amazing people; I was in a fascinating city, and being taught at a great German language school.

My accommodation was near the school in a brilliant area with a friendly flatmate. We spoke in German only throughout my stay and spent a lot of time together.

CESA were extremely helpful on the phone. I called many times about various aspects of my plans and couldn’t have received better help. Thank!

My favourite memories are the wonderful people I met, the great camaraderie in the class and the beautiful city of  Berlin.

A language course is undoubtedly a great way to integrate yourself gently into a new country, but I recommended living outside of the school if you really want to improve your German as much as possible.