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German and Hiking in the Summer

Learn German in KitzbuhelPhil
One week German and Hiking in Kitzbuhel

I wanted to work on my German language skills and get some exercise walking in the hills.  I hoped to gain some additional confidence in German. The language lessons were well run and the tutor was very friendly and positive.  He also took us on some excellent excursions to the town centre and to the top of one of the mountains.

I do not find German easy and I struggled to learn extra skills.  However this was no reflection on the course.  The lessons were good, with a good range of learning and conversation.  It was a shame there were only two students in my class, however this gave us additional chances to talk. The German language school in Kitzbuhel was within easy walking distance of the town centre.  The teachers were friendly, though seemed a bit non-plussed by my motives in learning German. Kitzbuhel is an excellent location for teaching German and experiencing the beautiful countryside.

BEST ASPECT: Experiencing the beautiful mountains and history of Kitzbuhel.
WORST ASPECT: My frustration at not being able to master a language!

Social activities, evening meal, walks and tour of mountain top were all excellent.  I think I needed more lessons, perhaps one or two evenings of conversation would have been useful. I spoke to others in the Guesthouse and to the landlady and  I enjoyed evening meals in restaurants and the Internet Cafe was friendly place.  The accommodation was a bit basic but the landlady was very friendly and helpful.

CESA’s course organisation and booking were good.

I would definitely go again and recommend others to go too!
I’ll not forget the joy of walking along the top of the mountains.