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German course in Berlin

John MacKenzie
2 wks in Berlin
Standard Course

I was able to arrange my own accommodation in Berlin and so this was where I decided to study.  I had two weeks and wanted to improve general language skills – in part to see if I could still learn a language, or if now I’m in my 40’s I’d left it too late.

I wanted to revise the basics and grow my confidence so that I could speak more German.

By the end of the fortnight I can’t say I had any criticism of the German language school in Berlin at all.  The whole programme was very well organised, very professional.  The teachers were excellent – which is obviously the key to the success of it all.  Lessons were well constructed and were well delivered.

I enjoyed meeting people with a common interest, from many nations and only wish that I could have stayed for longer.  I was impressed to see that so many students had committed to courses of 6 or even 12 weeks+ duration to ensure they reached their language goals and I could see that the structured system would mean major improvement.

There was a wide range of ages at the German language school, from 17 yrs to 50 yrs of age, and the student body was made up of people from many cultures and linguistic expectations.  The school were very professional in meeting these different requirements but it took some getting used to.  I wanted general German skills, and these needs were met by the Standard Course offered by the school, I would suggest that if you wanted to learn for business needs that you book extra private lessons so that specific work can be based around your personal focus, with your own tutor.

I’ve always loved Berlin so knew I’d be happy staying in the city – but the school was great.  Yes sadly it appeared to me it was easier for younger students to take the lessons learnt on board, but I was happy with my progress and felt that given the fact that two weeks isn’t all that long, my confidence in speaking German benefited from the experience.  Hope to able to go back next year – time willing.