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Granada Summer Course

Ryan Murray
4 weeks in Granada
Standard Course

Granada is a great town, good value (despite the Euro) each beer came with free tapas – so no real need to spend money on dinner.  Lots of cultural things to see.  It was quite easy to meet Spanish people through the teachers etc but in August the town is quite quiet, because the Uni students are on holiday.
CESA gave me some really good advice, phoning you guys before I finalised where to go was the best move (I was toying with the idea of Seville. In August?  What was I thinking!!!). I was politely steered away from this and was so pleased I rang before I booked – make sure you do so too, so you know you’re making the best choice.

My hosts were lovely, offering good accommodation, good food and plenty of conversation.  Couldn’t ask for more.

The Spanish school in Granada was superb.  The student/teacher interaction far exceeded my expectations, both in and out of classes and there was an incredible range of social activities on offer.  I enjoyed the structure of the grammar lessons in the morning and conversation in the afternoon.  The rotation of teachers so that we experienced different teaching styles, personalities etc was also a plus.  The lessons were all of an incredibly high standard.

Before arriving I had a slight worry that the students would keep themselves to themselves and I would have no one to socialise with  – completely unfounded, thank goodness.  There are always people to talk to, relax in the school garden with between lessons and explore Granada with – and it’s true a pleasure shared is really twice as fun!