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Hiragana, Kanji & Yukatas in Tokyo

3 week Standard Course in Tokyo
Beginner level

Tokyo was amazing. The scenery, the shrines and the activities you can do there will keep you entertained.  The Japanese language school was fantastic. The teachers were extremely helpful and they go above and beyond to help you have the best experience with them and learn Japanese. I loved that each teacher has their own way of teaching and personality.
The atmosphere at the school is very warm. I made friends from different countries and we used to spend a lot of time at the school because everyone working for this institution made you feel ‘at home’.
The school is located in Shinjuku, right next to a shrine (Hanazono) and there was a festival during my last week there for which I bought a yukata*. The teachers are so friendly that they even offered to help me put it on. I had an amazing experience and I’m glad I did this language course in Japan.
I highly recommend this course.

Yukata = Lightweight summer kimono