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How much will I improve as a result of my course?

The Number One Question.
This is what the whole thing is about.

Firstly, be realistic. If you only give us two weeks of your time do not expect to jump from ordering beer to fluency by the end of your course!

Having said that a two week course can give you a great jump start especially if you are already studying the language in the UK. Past students on A’level courses tell us that their courses abroad gave them an extra grade, at AS or A2 level. Whether you are in education (possibly preparing for exams, taking Adult Education classes or private tuition lessons) a short course abroad can make a real difference. You will consolidate previous skills and take a leap forward in activating passive knowledge. Unfortunately you will not master all the grammar of the language and add 10,000 words to your vocabulary on a one or two week course. Would that CESA could deliver this – it would make for some very happy clients!

If you are one of the lucky students who can commit to a long term course (anything from 4 weeks to 9 months) then you will cover a lot of linguistic ground. Beginners and elementary level language students will explore and revise the main grammar points and structure of the language in depth.  Group classes will move forward each week, extending vocabulary and practising spoken and comprehension skills. As a student progresses through the group levels, intermediate and advanced ability classes will explore the language in more complex situations, looking at the nuances of the language and exploring more specialised areas i.e. business language skills or preparation for State or University recognised examinations.
In the information relating to “Your ability” we have outlined a language level chart that gives the expected rate of progress for an “average” student over different length language courses abroad. If you still feel unsure, talk to us. We are here to help.