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Spanish Gap Year Course

8 week Spanish course

“I expected to find the course very difficult linguistically as I had found French at school very hard. I did not expect the lessons to be very interesting, as I’ve not found languages interesting in the past. I was unsure what to expect from my accommodation because I had heard of people having bad experiences with other organisations, although I had heard positive reports about CESA.

The Spanish course in Barcelona surpassed my expectations enormously, I feel I fared much better linguistically than I had imagined and my accommodation was good.

I enjoyed my lessons a great deal. My initial teacher was excellent and successfully managed to teach a group of total beginners by speaking entirely in Spanish. My second teacher was a lot of fun; there was an excellent class interaction and lots of interesting discussions.

The school was ideally situated, very central and near to the metro station. The school building was large, clean and pleasant. The roof terrace café was excellent, a friendly and sociable place.

Barcelona was fantastic, and compared to London it was very cheap. Its very compact and easy to get around, the food is generally good especially in the market. The nightlife is excellent; there were many beautiful, stylish ad elegant bars and clubs. The city is packed with very interesting attractions to suit everyone and I was still rushing around in my last week to try and fit it all in.

The apartment I stayed in was very pleasant. It was centrally located in a nice part of the city with great views from the terrace. It was a little expensive by Barcelona standards, but well worth every penny. The landlord was a real Spanish character who loved to stop and chat; yet never seemed to move the cigarette from his mouth.

CESA was helpful and the staff were sympathetic about my exceptional indecisiveness and worry. Thanks for your help”