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Improving my German in Berlin

Anna Burton
8 weeks in Berlin
Languages for Life course

Berlin is an amazing city with a fascinating history.  It was wonderful, everything was very cheap and convenient and I always felt safe (so much safer than in London).  The night life was excellent and I had a great social life.

The lessons at the German language school were very interactive and involved lots of speaking which I enjoyed and benefited from.  My expectations of the eight week course were definitely exceeded and I was really pleased with my progress.  I found the German school very comfortable, the staff were great and the location excellent.  The best aspects of the whole experience were; the German language classes, the school location and the social life.

My initial fears that the classes would be really hard going or that I’d make no friends and feel really lonely for the whole of the German language course were thankfully completely unfounded.  CESA staff in the UK were really helpful, and were able to help me keep things in perspective prior to getting to Berlin – and once I was out there I was just too busy to remember my initial concerns.

If you’re thinking of going on a course sometime, go – it is scary, because it’s the unknown, but once out there you’ll be amazed at how professional the staff are and how friendly the other students are.  Thankfully that was my experience anyway.