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Intensive French in Antibes

Joe Smith
2 weeks French language course
Teenager course, Antibes, France

I didn’t want to go. Was actually quite cross with my mother for booking the course as I felt I’d done enough work for the year and wanted a rest.

Very suprised to discover I really liked it – straight away!  No really, I wanted to stay a third week.

The French lessons were good and fun, though a few students were hard to understand as their accents were so strong.  Honestly though everything was perfect from start to finish.

The best two weeks holiday I’ve had.. the worst part was leaving so many new friends from across Europe at the end of the course.It was a surprise to see so many young people coming from so many different countries – lessons were great and the social activities were even better!

Antibes is very nice and very safe…

Hope to come back next summer 🙂