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Intensive French language course

Sarah Osprey: 1 wk
Summer Intensive Course in Nice

I had been to the French school in Nice last year so I knew roughly what to expect and my expectations were met. In lessons my abilities were stretched, the teaching was of a high standard and given that we spent much of the time debating and discussing current issues in Nice and the wider world, the lessons were very interesting too.

I firmly believe that being immersed in French society is the best way to improve your ability to speak French and though I was only there a short time I began to feel the benefits! The lessons on both of my French teenager language courses were stimulating and well presented. Debating issues meant good interaction between students and teachers. I learnt a lot of new vocabulary. The school is great, the teachers are approachable.

The location of the French school in Nice was good, especially if you are on a bus or tram route to it.

CESA’s service was efficient, help and advice was useful and the staff were always friendly. I went last year and would go again next year given the chance, I would recommend others to go too.